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I feel too much!

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Addiction causes people to do things they would never have dreamed of doing to strangers, let alone loved ones, while they are using. Below are just a few of the things....

Violence: Family, friends, employers, children, spouse, etc.

Theft: Family, friends, employers, children, spouse, etc.

Lying: Family, friends, employers, children, spouse, etc.

Manipulation: Family, friends, employers, children, spouse, etc.

As can be plainly seen, there is a pattern. Addiction is a vicious circle that destroys relationships of all sorts. The worse among them? Who's to say? One thing is more hurtful to one person than another. One is more destructive than another to some, but ultimately the end result is the same. Everyone around you is affected. Addiction leaves no one untouched. The only difference between experiences with addiction is the order of who is affected and how and when.

Let's take this a little further....

Have you ever had an experience in your life brought on by addiction? Have you ever had an addiction? If so, then you know that it can obliterate relationships. No matter how strong a bond is, it can and will likely be forever changed when addiction has snuck its wicked claws into your carefully constructed life. For many of us, addiction has always been a constant in our lives. Wreaking havoc every change it gets. It seems strange to refer to addiction as a living breathing thing, but it is and it'll take you out before you even realize whats happened.

If you're brave enough, sad enough, angry enough, confused enough, frustrated're probably feeling all of the above or have felt all of the above in the past if you've ever had addiction taking up residence in your life. You probably feel like you feel too much and you're not sure which feeling is right or wrong or better or worse, but those of us affected by addiction like you or a loved one can guaruntee you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! All of the feelings that plague you day in and day out are completely normal and utterly disarming. You just don't know what to do and how to feel anymore and sometimes wish you didn't have to know what to do or feel what you're constantly feeling.

Have a look at these videos and when you're done viewing them, think about your situation, think about all of the trauma and heartache and fear and anger and all of the other negative feelings you've felt for however long addiction has cast its spell on you, whether directly or indirectly and image your life without the ugliness of addiction. It's a hard road to travel, no doubt. But if you can get past the ugliness and any guilt, shame, fear, anger, frustration or any other feelings you've tried to ignore or carried for however long, there is a beauty in the end that would never have been experienced otherwise. You must have faith and patience and let the ugliness be ravaged by the light that you've craved for so long and you will survive this tribulation placed so purposefully in your life. You will be an instrument of healing and you will have a beautiful story to share and it will ikely save a life or two. So hang in there. Find a place where you feel safe, where you feel not only that you've been heard but that you're understood.

If you're reading this blog, I challenge you to share your story. It could be a revelation in your life. If not yours, maybe another.

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