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Addiction is Destruction

Addiction can have a crippling effect on your life as well as the lives of those who love and care for you and can leave many lives in ruin. Often times addiction leads to a multitude of health concerns, some long lasting and severe. WestBridge Recovery Center is here to help you overcome your addiction. We want you to be free from the shackles of addiction and begin your sober life with hope and health. You are in control of your body and soul and there is no better time than now to begin your march to sobriety. We will be here to encourage you each and every step of the way and guide and empower you to be the person that you are meant to be.


Evidence Based Treatment Program

Our counselors develop a treatment plan that is uniquely formulated to meet the patients needs. Our program is intended to prepare for the transition back into society after providing the tools necessary to perpetuate a long-term recovery. The program(s) is designed around the concept of Motivational Interviewing; a system of techniques, strategies and skills that help bring about change, the 12 Step Program which is quite effective when practiced appropriately by the client, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which teaches the client how to maintain long-term sobriety by educating them to recognize triggers that might effect their sobriety. Along with the above mentioned tools, clients are seen regularly by their counselor, family sessions are conducted, visits to the psychiatrist/psychologist are scheduled, medications are monitored and clients are engaged all day. Once armed with these tools, the client will be empowered and will ultimately harness their personal strengths and conquer their addiction.



  • 24 Hour Staffed Addiction Recovery Center (IOP, PHP, RTC)

  • Close to Nature and Minutes from Kingwood, Humble, Atasocita and Spring/The Woodlands

  • Meals Included

  • Regularly stocked pantry and refrigerator

  • TV in common areas

  • Elliptical Trainers, Basketball Goal, etc. for recreation and activity

  • Transportation

  • Weekly multi-family group sessions

  • Private Counselor to Client sessions

  • Private Family Sessions

  • Random Urine Drug Screenings and Blood Alcohol Content Screenings & Professional Laboratory Reports

  • Medical Doctor Visits and Psychiatry Visits

  • Daily 12-Step Meetings

  • Daily Recovery Classes and Programs

  • Peer Support

  • Random Room Checks

  • Thorough Screenings/Assessments by Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors


Additional Educational Information

Individualized & Group Therapy

What is Substance Abuse

The Many Ways Addiction Effects the Family

Science of Addiction

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